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Best Chinese Food in Denver

Imperial Chinese Restaurant, established in 1985, has become a cornerstone of the Denver dining scene, offering an exceptional culinary experience that marries traditional Chinese flavors with a modern twist. With a rich history and a deep connection to the community, Imperial Chinese is celebrated for its made-from-scratch dishes, high-quality ingredients, and impeccable service. Let’s explore why this iconic restaurant is a must-visit for anyone seeking the best authentic Chinese cuisine in Denver.

A Legacy of Culinary Excellence

For nearly four decades, Imperial Chinese Restaurant has been a beacon of authentic Chinese cuisine in Denver. Founded in 1985, the restaurant quickly gained a reputation for its dedication to quality and authenticity. The team at Imperial Chinese takes immense pride in crafting every dish from scratch, using only the freshest ingredients. This commitment ensures that every bite is packed with genuine flavors, free from the compromise of frozen or pre-made foods.

One of the restaurant's significant contributions to Denver's culinary landscape is the introduction of sesame chicken. This dish, now beloved by many, showcases the innovative spirit and culinary prowess of Imperial Chinese. Over the years, the restaurant has received numerous awards, reflecting its status as a top dining destination.

An Unforgettable Dining Experience

When you step into Imperial Chinese Restaurant, you are greeted with a blend of traditional and contemporary elements. The restaurant’s ambiance is designed to offer a fine dining experience while remaining family-friendly. The decor echoes a modern retro era vibe, creating a welcoming and upscale atmosphere perfect for any occasion.

Whether you’re dining in, taking out, or ordering for delivery, Imperial Chinese ensures that the quality of their food and service remains consistently high. The versatile dining options make it convenient for everyone to enjoy their favorite dishes, no matter the setting.

Signature Dish: Sesame Chicken

Among the wide array of mouthwatering dishes offered at Imperial Chinese, the sesame chicken stands out as a signature favorite. This dish not only represents the restaurant’s historical significance in Denver but also its culinary excellence. The sesame chicken is crafted to perfection with tender chicken pieces coated in a flavorful sauce, garnished with sesame seeds, and served with a side of fresh vegetables. It's a dish that embodies the essence of Imperial Chinese’s commitment to authenticity and quality.

A Commitment to Authenticity and Quality

Imperial Chinese Restaurant's values are deeply rooted in authenticity, quality, community, and excellence. The restaurant’s menu is a testament to these values, offering a variety of dishes that stay true to traditional Chinese recipes while incorporating modern culinary techniques. Each dish is meticulously prepared to ensure it meets the high standards that customers have come to expect.

The restaurant’s commitment to the community is evident through its long-standing presence in Denver. Since its inception, Imperial Chinese has been more than just a place to eat; it has been a gathering spot for families, friends, and food enthusiasts who appreciate the art of authentic Chinese cooking.

Embracing a Modern Twist

While the foundation of Imperial Chinese is built on traditional recipes, the restaurant is not afraid to innovate. The brand’s essence is captured in the phrase “a modern twist to traditional Chinese cuisine.” This approach allows Imperial Chinese to stay relevant and exciting, continually attracting new customers while retaining loyal patrons.


Imperial Chinese Restaurant stands as a testament to what can be achieved when passion for authentic cuisine is paired with a commitment to quality and community. As Denver continues to evolve, Imperial Chinese remains a cherished part of the city’s dining scene, offering a culinary experience that is both nostalgic and innovative.

Whether you are a long-time fan or a new visitor, Imperial Chinese Restaurant invites you to experience the best authentic Chinese food in Denver. Join us and taste the difference that fresh, made-from-scratch dishes can make. Your journey into the heart of Chinese cuisine starts here.

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